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Creating campaigns to promote the legacy of the 112-Year-Old Jewellery Brand


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Chintaman Ramchandra Deshmukh Jewellers well known by the name CRD Jewelllers.The timeless elegance joined hands with Sharp Multimedia to create magic in the Diwali campaign. With a 112-year-old Brand in the jewellery market, they wanted to create something which would help the brand to promote its legacy. 

With an extremely strategic sense of creativity, Sharp Multimedia created dazzling Diwali-themed photoshoots and reels, capturing the essence of festivity in ornaments. Newspaper ads and website presence were the main to do things. The social media blitz, strategically timed and visually compelling, unfolded the story of a curated Diwali offer - a gift with every purchase, elevating the festive shopping experience. The website is built by the team in such a way that the online passerby will get a smooth online window shopping experience.

The campaign proved transformative. Footfall surged, online engagements flourished and sales exceeded expectations. The social media boost not only created waves of excitement but also established Chintaman Ramchandra Deshmukh Jewellers (CRD). The curated offer was a masterstroke for the customers to embrace the joy of both giving and receiving.

Today, CRD Jewellers are one of the esteemed clients of Sharp Multimedia. The continuity in campaigns shows the brand's enhanced market presence.

In collaboration with Sharp Multimedia, the brand's Festival Extravaganza isn't just about jewellery; it's about creating lasting impressions that sparkle through the ages