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Hoarding and social media campaigns for Launch of cloth showroom


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A symphony of style and variety, A1 Textile set the stage for its grand entrance into Jamkhed, tear 2 city in Ahmednagar Dist. with a dynamic hoarding campaign. This Campaign is meticulously curated by Sharp Multimedia. Beyond the visual spectacle, the campaign was complemented by a targeted Marathi Social media paid initiative, culminating in a star-studded opening event featuring the esteemed Marathi actress, Sonali Kulkarni.

Thirty strategically positioned hoardings in Jamkhed City became the canvas for an intriguing curiosity campaign. The message, "A1-Fashion, A1-Style, A1-Variety, Soon at Your Service," unfolded without revealing the store's name, creating an air of mystery and anticipation. Simultaneously, a paid social media campaign in Marathi Language further amplified the excitement, spreading the buzz far and wide. Engaging content and strategic messaging reinforced the promise of unparalleled fashion, building anticipation among the audience.

As the grand opening approached, the campaign reached its peak with the announcement of a celebrity endorsement. Marathi actress Sonali Kulkarni's association added a touch of glamour and prestige to the event.

The hoarding campaign successfully created curiosity across Jamkhed City. The hoardings became conversation starters for locals. The social media paid campaign reached a diverse audience across all ages. It created a digital buzz.

A1 Textile, after the grand opening campaign, stands as a trendsetter of fashion in Jamkhed. The social media presence continues to thrive, reflecting the store's commitment to delivering A1 fashion, style, and variety