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Establishing the brand identity for the Authentic Desi Ghee brand


  • bullet_point Research from scratch
  • bullet_point Entire Media Planning
  • bullet_point Website Designing and Development
  • bullet_point Packaging Design

In India, Ghee is considered a great superfood. Ghee is rich in nutrients. It may also help to reduce gut inflammation and support heart health. Ghee is nothing but clarified butter with 99%of milk fat.

A passionate guy in his twenties wanted to start an agri-based business and came to meet Sharp Guys. After multiple discussions with him, the name Trupt is finalized. Trupt means satisfied or fulfilled. And then the process of creating the identity started.

From designing of typographical logo to designing a product packaging the entire dedicated team worked on various issues with back-to-back meetings. Through the name, we conveyed that the product will help the consumer to fulfill his health needs. Also, we derived at the conclusion that the process of manufacturing this product is very authentic and traditional just like the Desi style.

Basic product packaging in 500grm Glass Bottle and the refill pack of 1kg is finalised. Then Team worked on the packaging design along with special product photoshoots along with some promotional reels with food influencers.

Launching this traditionally made Ghee through social media was basic idea. But we insisted client to launch own digital marketplace. So we build a detailed shopping website specially for a single niche product with every single technical detail along with payment gateway integration.

Since 2022 Trupt has reached new sales figures after overcoming various supply chain and delivery issues. Brand identity helped Trupt to establish in this overcrowded market.

Currently, Trupt Ghee is a major wholesale supplier of Ghee to various manufacturers.